War in Ukraine

People, the worst thing that could happen in the 21st century has happened in our country today, this is war! The whole civilized world is with us, supporting us!

Our civilians are dying for the freedom of the whole world from the aggression and madness that is happening in our country today, children, old people, and just residents of Ukraine are dying! We do our best to provide our services for you and the whole world! But already now you can help ordinary peaceful citizens of Ukraine who have fallen into a humanitarian catastrophe because of politicians and ambitions, we are ready to help ordinary civilians who need it so much! We are here in Ukraine with our people and customers!


BTC: 16rJoHepWeFVKTUSERQp7dRBXdUyp9e2sr

USDT(TRC20): TMThx4cFgL1YbmjWtNyz6gCks58WkL5Q5V

USDT(ERC20): 0xCa544eE35F4f40F2bF25B7607BaAd5611b6C6bED

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All the money will be transferred to the victims. We guarantee it

War in Ukraine!
Need help for people who have suffered as a result of Russian aggression